Friday, May 31, 2013


Yesterday we got in to Venice! We went to the grocery store and our professor made us Gnocchi. The drinkers got a lil tipsy on some wine and interesting things were said. Our professor did tell us that we are the funnest group she’s ever gone with. Today after class Mel, Katie, Alisha, Markay and I wandered around the city for hours. It was incredible! I’d rather wander here than anywhere in the world. It’s such a maze! And there are cool masks everywhere. Every corner you turn here you want to take a picture because your view looks like a postcard. It’s so gorgeous here. The houses look so Italian and it’s crazy that they’re on the water! My parents, Grandma, and Aunt come tomorrow and I thought I would just take a taxi to their hotel…but oh wait taxis are only in the water here haha. When we were walking around we saw a pretty cathedral and it happened to have a concert going on inside. The choir was SO good! The first soloist had an angel voice to match the setting. We found a vintage market that we walked through too. We also went by St. Mark’s Cathedral. Where we saw a seagull kill and eat a pigeon! It was messed up. I hate seagulls now..and guess what? It’s our state bird. I have never been so mad at a bird in my life. Oh and we watched a little girl walk up to the sacrifice and watch the seagull kill the pigeon..umm hey mom-get your kid. Then all these people were taking pictures of it. It was weird and I’m officially scarred. Anyways, I love Venice! And I get to see my family tomorrow! Yipee!

P.S. There is a man playing the accordion outside our hotel and I could die, I’m s happy.

Fanta is so good in Europe!

View from our hotel window. 

Facetiming my dog! I miss her!

Making Gnocchi. 

Alisha and me.

Mel and I love the creepy music the hotel manager plays in the

Isn't it gorgeous?!



Vintage market.

Choir performance at a cathedral.

Top of St. Mark's. 

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