Monday, November 25, 2013

Emotional Fitness

I found this and I love it. It's so important to be emotionally fit and to work on boosting your self-esteem every day {especially in this crazy world that tells us we aren't good enough on the daily}. 

10 Instant Emotional Fitness Tools

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I have a new niece! Greer Elizabeth Staples. She's so stinking cute. She was born October 29th. I got to go down and meet her on Halloween and then go trick or treating with Rowan and Jord. It was so much fun! Then I got to spend the rest of Halloween night with my mom. Being with your mom on Holidays just makes things more festive. We drank pretty orange floats and watched a "scary" show. Then that weekend I got to come back down and pick up cute Ro so we could have a "pend da night" and Jord and Paige could have time with just Greer. Ro and I had so much fun! I love her so. Being an aunt is truly one of my greatest blessings. I have such wonderful examples of mothers in my life and today I am feeling especially grateful for them. 

How perfect is she!

Lil bo peep

Cat and Dog...

Yesterday I went to my friend's ranch in Milad, Idaho. It was incredible! When I grow up I would not mind having his family's set up. They have a gorgeous ranch with a person they hired that lives there and takes care of everything. We got to see their horses, buffalo, falcons, chickens and goats. It definitely felt like we were at Wheeler Farm. We drove in the ranger four wheeler deal up to where we went shooting. It was so fun! I have been wanting to go shooting for years. It was snowing and just absolutely gorgeous. I love farms. There is something so magical about them. We had dinner at the farm house then on our way back to Logan we went to the Downata Hot Springs--SO relaxing! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

San Fransisco

Over the weekend of the 21st of September my dad and I went to San Francisco. It was wonderful! We got in late Friday night then Saturday was go time. We woke up early so we could get in as much exploring before the concert as possible. We walked past Union Square Park and up to the famous Sear's Fine Food for breakfast. It was packed even that early in the morning. And um can you say the best egg white vegetable omelet ever? mmmm. After breakfast we went on the cable car down to fisherman's warf (we had the best and funniest driver). By this time it was pouring rain. But that didn't stop us! All it did was make it more memorable. We bought ugly yellow ponchos and kept going. Fisherman's wharf is really cool! We saw Alchatraz from across the way and walked around. We went and got soup in bread bowls and then headed back to the cable cars. One of the lines was broken so we went to a different line, and found out that was also broken. We went and sat in one of the broken cars and then to our surprise a huge truck came and pushed the cable car up the hill. Once we got back to our hotel we grabbed our stuff and a rental car and headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. Wow. It is insane! So huge! And so cool. It looks fake. We got to see some of the Yacht Races and walk across part of the bridge to see an incredible view of San Fran. Then we headed to Mountain View for the Keith Urban concert! The concert was INCREDIBLE! Seriously. We had awesome seats, and the Shoreline Amphitheatre is amazing. Keith Urban is such a great performer. He went up into the cheap seats and performed twice during the concert. You could tell he just loves his fans. During the finally my dad and I got to go up even closer and then when it was over and Keith was bending over the stage shaking people's hands and meeting fans, we got to go even closer. It was AWESOME! Sunday we went to church and then drove to the airport and came home. It was such a fun weekend. I loved getting to spend time with my dad. 

Kinda blurry, but I love this picture of us on
the cable car. 

Alcatraz in the distance.

                                                      The Cable car getting pushed by the truck.

View from the bridge.
At Keith Urban! (With Dustin Lynch and Little Big Town)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Line Upon Line Precept Upon Precept

"President Joseph F. Smith explained how this pattern of revelation occurred in his life: “As a boy … I would frequently … ask the Lord to show me some marvelous thing, in order that I might receive a testimony. But the Lord withheld marvels from me, and showed me the truth, line upon line … , until He made me to know the truth from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, and until doubt and fear had been absolutely purged from me. He did not have to send an angel from the heavens to do this, nor did He have to speak with the trump of an archangel. By the whisperings of the still small voice of the spirit of the living God, He gave to me the testimony I possess. And by this principle and power He will give to all the children of men a knowledge of the truth that will stay with them, and it will make them to know the truth, as God knows it, and to do the will of the Father as Christ does it. And no amount of marvelous manifestations will ever accomplish this” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1900, 40–41)."

"In many of the uncertainties and challenges we encounter in our lives, God requires us to do our best, to act and not be acted upon (see 2 Nephi 2:26), and to trust in Him. We may not see angels, hear heavenly voices, or receive overwhelming spiritual impressions. We frequently may press forward hoping and praying—but without absolute assurance—that we are acting in accordance with God’s will. But as we honor our covenants and keep the commandments, as we strive ever more consistently to do good and to become better, we can walk with the confidence that God will guide our steps. And we can speak with the assurance that God will inspire our utterances. This is in part the meaning of the scripture that declares, “Then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God” (D&C 121:45)."

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Blog About Love

My friend introduced me to this blog. And to say I'm obsessed is an understatement. The author and her husband went through previous divorces and then found each other and are so in love. I love her post about dating, so I'm posting it below. It's good advice! I could learn a lot from this girl...

{There are certain kinds of men or women out there that bring very little good energy or kindness to the table in a relationship.}

Have you ever experienced this?  It can be subtle or it can be blatant.  For example: 

-Someone who has a problem showing physical or verbal love

-Someone who wants you to work around his/her schedule or location all the time instead of the other way around

-Someone who focuses more on their needs instead of yours

-Someone who dwells in negativity & trash talks others or themselves

-Someone who seems to be bothered by your flaws more than they are celebrating & raving about your good qualities

-Someone who poisons an otherwise good relationship because they won't step it up & commit, out of selfishness or fear

Ick!  Why do so many of us actually find ourselves wanting to BE with someone like this?!?!  Or actually wanting to be loved by someone like this?!?!  Why do so many give and give and GIVE, only to have this person drop them a bone from time to time?  Why can't we believe that we deserve more?

Well, I think we all have this desire to be loved & desired & useful.  And we stick it out in these horrible relationships, loving & giving to no end, just HOPING, HOPING, HOPING that one day it will be enough for this person to love us back.  [All along, to approach a relationship in a healthy way, we should not be basing our wholeness or wellness on feeling loved by others, anyway.... see what I learned about this in this previous post.]

Friends, I have been there.  It is embarrassing to admit.  But oh yes, I have been there.  Those times were the greatest energy sucks of my life!  Every ounce of me went towards trying to maintain those less than ideal relationships.  Dumb.  Doesn't that just sound ridiculous & exhausting?  It was.

Luckily, later in life, I smartened up and learned to recognize these types of energy drainers quickly. Heaven help me, there was no way I wanted to be in that type of relationship again.  I can't help but write some of this insight I've gained from the refiners fire, in hopes that maybe it will help someone out there!  I want you ALL to have the best relationships possible!!!!  If we all had this, we could change the world.  :)

{To be as direct as I can be, do not date a person another day if they are draining your energy and bringing very little kindness and loving nature to the table!} 

Do NOT keep justifying this kind of behavior & rationalizing a reason to stay.  Please trust me that it is not worth it & it very likely will not have a happy ending.  You CAN meet someone better if you hold out for it.  And you WON'T be worse off without this person.  Trust me, your inner gut and your future children and everyone around you will thank you if you walk away.

Now, it can get confusing because a person like this may actually be a really great person and have many admirable qualities!  They could be smart, talented, fun to be around, adored by others & they may have a big heart in other ways.  They may even have many of the same overall values as you. And the worst dose of confusion?  You may actually feel "loooove" for this person!!!  WHAT ON EARTH IS A GIRL TO DO?  It took me a long time to figure this out, but....I will say this now and probably many times on this blog:   

{Just because you are in love does NOT mean your partner is "marriage quality"!!}   

In fact, in most cases when people are "in love"  - - - marriage is likely NOT a good idea!  "Love" does not indicate AT ALL that someone is ready or capable or mature enough to contribute to a happy relationship.  It does NOT mean that they are bringing good energy to the table, which is essential for a healthy/happy marriage.  Think of how many times you've been "in love".  Aren't you glad now that you aren't married to those people?   There are SOOO many other qualities that make a person "marriage quality." (Future post on this coming...)

And know this very important detail....

{You are just as accountable for this dysfunctional relationship, if you allow it to continue. } (As was I.)  Ouch.  

This is in your hands.  Please, please only date & marry someone that FULLY ADDS TO your own good energy & make sure that you are offering the same!!  Doesn't that sound lovely?  Do guys/ girls like that really exist?  YES, THEY DO!  Tell me you'll hold out for one!  (If you want to know a good place to likely find a ton of them, let me know. :)

One last very important bit to share...

{When two people in a marriage aren't sucking the life out of each other, you'll have such an abundance of overflowing energy and love that you can share it with others...}

...including your children, neighbors, people in need, even strangers.  It's so dang beautiful how that works!  This is what the best marriages are made of.  I want that for all of you.   Each & every one of you deserves it. 

Sending you all good wishes in your relationships!



Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Two things I am extremely excited for:

One---The light at the end of the school tunnel is getting pretty bright. Yipee!

Two---I get to go on a daddy-daughter date with my cute dad to San Francisco on Friday

to see.....

Keith Urban!!!
I am soooooo excited! I've never been to San Fran and I love Keith! Most of all I am so thankful and excited for the time I will get to spend with my dad just me and him. 

Hiking in the Fall

We went on the Spring Hallow trail up Logan Canyon on Saturday. The leaves are starting to turn gorgeous colors. The air was crisp and you could feel fall in the air. It was misty and just an absolute dream. I am so grateful for this beautiful earth. 

California Over Labor Day

Over Labor Day my mom, dad and I went to California to visit my sister and brother-in-law. My brother and sister-in-law were already there visiting her  family so we all got to spend some quality California/Disneyland time together. It was wonderful. We went to Disneyland on Saturday. We got to go to church and visit the L.A. temple on Sunday and we went to Hermosa Beach for the Hermosa Fiesta on Monday. The rest of the fam was greatly missed.

Matty rocks the pony tail. 

So beautiful! So big!

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

Technically today is my last first day of school. I graduate in the spring! Yippee! I love Utah State and Logan with all my heart. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bye Florence

Yesterday we woke up and went on a tour of Florence. We went up to where all the old villas are on the hills and to the Piazza Del Michaelangelo. It was raining, but it was still gorgeous. In the spring you can see all the different colors of green before they all lend together in the summer time. It was cool to get a different perspective of Florence and hear more of the history from the tour guide. He asked me if I was a compliment ever. I learned that one of the Midici's fortresses had cannons facing the people of the city..weird right? I also learned that the Pointe Vecchio has a tunnel from the Uffizi to the Piti Palace. This morning my dad and I got up and climbed up to the top of the Duomo. It was so so so neat. I couldn't think of a better way to say bye to this incredible city than by being able to see every bit of it from a birds eye view. It was gorgeous. I love this city so much! I am so sad that I have to leave. I'm making a point to be back soon. Today we are heading to Venice and then home tomorrow. I could cry. 

The hillside. You can see the Medici villa.

One of the old walls that lined the city.

Piazza de Michaelangelo.

The Duomo.

I asked for ice at dinner. That's service.

Pointe Vecchio.

Grandma and I match!

View from Pointe Vecchio.

Pointe Vecchio.

I got a gorgeous black and white water color from this cute artist.
I'm so excited!

463 steps!

Statues inside the Duomo.

Closer view.

The frescos are huge when you get so close.

View from the top of the Duomo.

Old/restored tools they used to make the dome.