Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hidden camera at a haunted house in CA. YES!

There is so Much More

Sometimes, a lot of times I feel like there's so much more to life than what I'm doing. Ya life is great, but I'm yearning for something more than what my daily schedule consists of. 

Should I go study abroad in London?
Study in Italy?
Backpack through Europe?
Teach English in China?
Join the peace corps?
Intern in DC?
Move to NY just because?
Intern in Indy? 
Move back to Arizona?
Do humanitarian work in South America?
Move to Alaska and turn granola?
Go to school in Hawaii?
Go on a mission {don't worry people I wouldn't really tease myself or you with the idea of it again}

I like the options. I'm being optimistic and saying that one or two or three or all of these ideas WILL happen sometime in my life, and until they do I'll just dream of them on the daily. 
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aggies vs the Utes

Remember that one time the Aggies beat the Utes for the first time in 15 years in overtime on Friday night? 
I do. Go Aggies!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I love

I love leaving for work late because I got no sleep and parking somewhere where I'm just waiting to walk out to a ticket on my car because I couldn't find a parking spot. And I love having to call the police on some guy who is looking at inappropriate pictures on the public computers at work. (note the sarcasm please)

I want a nap...

What I really do love is that my cousin and his gf are coming up for the game tonight vs the U. 
And I love that some friends and I camped out on campus last night with hundreds of students so we could get good seats at the game tonight. I loved it even though I woke up to a siren going off and everyone running around thinking the siren meant they had to get in line to get a wrist band to get into the game..nice prank people. I loved it even though I woke up to "Clark" and "Natalie" being so loud in the tent next to us. I loved it even though I woke up to hundreds of people playing the "who can scream the inappropriate word loudest" game. It was fun. Nights like that make me glad I'm still a student and get to have fun nights where I get no sleep and I don't have to worry about waking up in the morning and going to my big girl job all day. {Yes, I said it makes me glad to be a student...don't worry people, I still hate school}
blurry, but you get the picture
 {post script} My roomie and I went and helped out with the Romney Ryan campaign here in Logan. It was really fun. We just made calls to swing states to see where they need better campaigning and to know who we can call to make sure they get to their right polling locations and get their vote in for Mitt. It's cool to be involved and I felt so patriotic. They need volunteers. Comment if you want more info on helping out.

I am a big supporter of Romney and I love America, and I love that everyone has the right to their own opinion. No matter who you'll be voting for, I'd highly recommend getting involved in their campaign. It will make you happy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gardner Village

Have you ever been to Gardner Village? It's the cutest little village with tons of little quaint shops holding fabulous treasures to buy. It's actually kind of magical,we're talkin brick-paths-and-whimsical-cottages-everywhere magical. We took a little girls shopping trip there last weekend {we missed the girls in the fam that weren't there} and I'm just as in love with it as I always have been. 

P.S. the leaves are changing in Logan! YAY!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


How cute is this video? I am now in love with seals. Number two on my favorite animals list {below dogs, of course}

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I moved into a new house where I have my own room {and own bathroom for the semester-woot woot}. New room means new decor and furniture right? I thought I'd write about a different part of my room and decor every so often. 

My tiffany blue table is one of my favorite things in my room. I bought a cheap side table from Walmart (you know the ones that come with a bunch of wood, screws, things you don't know what the heck they are, and an instruction manual of how to put it together that makes absolutely NO sense?-ya that one), Krylon primer spray paint, (Krylon is the best brand of spray paint to use), Krylon  "Blue Ocean Breeze" spray paint, and Krylon matte-finish finishing spray. {one can of each was plenty}

I put the table together {it took way too long}
Spray painted the table with primer {one coat, no sanding-yay!}
Spray painted the table with my color of choice {blue ocean breeze aka tiffany blue, I did three coats}
{Spray painting tip-wait about 15 minutes in between coats}
Spray painted the table with the finishing spray {one coat}
Let the table hit some stuff during the move to give it more of an antique finish and let some of the original color (black) show through. {if you can be lazy about something might as well right?}
I put a beautiful doily on the table that is from my grandmother.
Then I put a mason jar of flowers from my best friend's wedding on top of the doily and 
viola! Yay for cheap and cute!