Saturday, December 31, 2011

Buh Bye 2011

2011 has really been a wonderful year. I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have had, especially the amazing opportunities I have had to meet and be with amazing people.

Some highlights of 2011

Living with my spring roommates

Going to see my favorite band with my best friend

Starting rock climbing

Going to the happiest place on earth a few times

Going to NYC and seeing Wicked again

Baby Rowan coming into the world!

Going to the south (Savannah and Charleston) on our girls trip

 Moving to Arizona for the summer and being able to spend lots of time with my family there

Meeting new life long friends in Arizona

And going to Cali with them

Getting a "big girl" full time job in Arizona where I was the Senior Planner at hes Innovations

Working my job at Utah State(IT Computer Lab Consultant)...I love that job

My sister meeting the love of her life and getting engaged...i've never seen her so happy

Getting to know my co worker Autumn and becoming best friends (and finding out she's expecting)

Deciding to go on a mission and then deciding not to go. The process of just preparing to go helped me grow a lot and grow closer to God.

Starting running lots more

Accepting myself just the way I am so much more than I used to

Being at my favorite school in my favorite little college town

Camping out for "Occupy the Spectrum" and watching Utah State beat BYU

2011 sure has been great. Here's to another awesome year in 2012. Happy New Year all!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas one more time. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. It sure was a good one. I am just loving spending so much time with my family. They truly are everything I could ever ask for in a family and I am SO grateful for them. Happy Hanukkah too. 

P.S. Get stoked..It's official, I am back on facebook..womp..womp

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

For unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder.—Isaiah 9:6

I am grateful to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ today on this Christmas day. I am so grateful that He came to this earth to save us all. He is our redeemer.I testify of His love for us. He has known us a very long time. He is my best friend. He loves imperfect me-perfectly. Just as He loves you. His arms are open to me even when I may not be reaching for Him, but He is ready to take me into Those arms when I need it. I find that amazing. He is our perfect example. I love Him.  I am so incredibly thankful for Him and for His birth. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glass Bottle Cokes

Glass bottle cokes, ugly sweaters, white elephant gifts, fun games, good food and even better company. Our friend's ugly sweater party was a success, to say the least. Thanks cam! 


 my white elephant contribution..a white elephant. thanks mom
 someone contributed an enema

kumi contributed this evil flute playing fawn

edible thong..

someone just gave this to me...I won't tell you what I really recieved as my white elephant gift..