Thursday, December 8, 2011


My contract for my apt I live in now has officially been sold and I'm moving. I'm quite excited. Big and little things I am most excited about for my new apt:

I'm living with my best friend. 

I'm living two second away from THE Ryan Snow
I'll have a pool

and a fitness center
There's a hot tub
covered parking
for the first time living away from home i'll have a big bed (yay!)
ice machine in my freezer (probably one of the most exciting things about the move)
walk in closet
great roommates
woot woot!


  1. holy cow.... the things i take for granted. now all you need is a christmas puppy to complete the picture :)

    or you can take rome for a night and see how that goes first. (i have a feeling you will get one the next day :)

  2. oh- and one more thing--- im coming over to use your pool, it looks nicer than mine:)

  3. Yes! I'm gonna take rome for a night..or two..:-) You can come over ANY time!

  4. YAYY!!! Can you move in now?? It's so lonely in my big room.

  5. .......still stuck on the ice machine. Number one thing I miss when I'm away from home. Beyond jealous. And SO excited for you!!!!!!