Friday, December 16, 2011

Words of Wisdom

I've wondered lately what it will be like to be 90 years old. What it will be like to have actual wisdom. Wisdom that came through trials, the depths of hell, and the happiest, most joyful times of my life. Wisdom that I can share with others, because I know how it is to be their age.

I was at work and an old man came up to talk to me. He was the cutest old man. He was dressed very nicely. He told me he was as old as the keys on a piano. 88. 88? "Wow, you look great!" I said. He literally looked about 68. He responded by telling me;

I chose the right parents
I chose the right roommate. We have been married for 68 years.
And I laugh a lot.
There is no use in crying.
Being happy will get you far.

He did some grocery shopping and came up to me a little later. He reached for my left hand looking for a ring and said;

Does anybody got you? 

I said no.

He said;
Well don't rush it. 
Go to his home. See how he treats his mother. If he loves her, he will love you.

I know this may sound silly, but that old man helped me that day more than he knows. It was a tender mercy. I am thankful for that old man. His words of true wisdom were exactly what I needed to hear. I asked God if He would tell this man what he had done for me when he passes on (which won't be for a while at the rate he is going) because I want him to know. 

Thank you complete stranger for helping me. 


  1. Serious inspiration. That is tender. Thank you so much for sharing. Wisdom this old man never knew would make a lot of people's life just a little bit BETTER. love you kenz.