Monday, November 25, 2013

Emotional Fitness

I found this and I love it. It's so important to be emotionally fit and to work on boosting your self-esteem every day {especially in this crazy world that tells us we aren't good enough on the daily}. 

10 Instant Emotional Fitness Tools

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I have a new niece! Greer Elizabeth Staples. She's so stinking cute. She was born October 29th. I got to go down and meet her on Halloween and then go trick or treating with Rowan and Jord. It was so much fun! Then I got to spend the rest of Halloween night with my mom. Being with your mom on Holidays just makes things more festive. We drank pretty orange floats and watched a "scary" show. Then that weekend I got to come back down and pick up cute Ro so we could have a "pend da night" and Jord and Paige could have time with just Greer. Ro and I had so much fun! I love her so. Being an aunt is truly one of my greatest blessings. I have such wonderful examples of mothers in my life and today I am feeling especially grateful for them. 

How perfect is she!

Lil bo peep

Cat and Dog...

Yesterday I went to my friend's ranch in Milad, Idaho. It was incredible! When I grow up I would not mind having his family's set up. They have a gorgeous ranch with a person they hired that lives there and takes care of everything. We got to see their horses, buffalo, falcons, chickens and goats. It definitely felt like we were at Wheeler Farm. We drove in the ranger four wheeler deal up to where we went shooting. It was so fun! I have been wanting to go shooting for years. It was snowing and just absolutely gorgeous. I love farms. There is something so magical about them. We had dinner at the farm house then on our way back to Logan we went to the Downata Hot Springs--SO relaxing!