Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Out of the Office

Dearest readers,

So sorry, I've been out of the office and in a new office. I got a full time job through a temp agency that all I can say is really hard but rocks! I'm so grateful to have gotten it. I can't wait to get out of all debt with this monay. (yes, I'm in debt-sad day. But I won't be soon! Wahoo!) It's seven weeks long. I am the Senior Planner for a company called HES Innovations. It's weird to have a big girl job. They offered for me to stay and work for them at a different job in the company- which is really tempting because I absolutely LOVE the friends I've made here (I really don't want to leave them) and I love being by my arizona family...but i'm going back to Utah in seven weeks. (Which I am happy to do because it's the right decision for me and my life right now.)

Guess who came to visit me here in the 117 degree heat?

Yep! The one and only Kumiko Rachel! It was SO fabulous having her here!

Did I tell you I love living in Arizona? I've been so blessed with so many awesome opportunities here and I am forever grateful for it.

Here are some pics from a little trip some of my friends and I went on to Sedona, Arizona. It was BEAUTIFUL! I could live there forever.

So this place we went to is a natural water slide. How cool is that?! There was also cliff jumping and lots of laying out of course. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Undercover Mother

Introducing the Undercover Mother:

My cute friend Danielle has a blog where she sells these cute and practical nursing covers along with other adorable baby necessities. Check out her blog it's 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

independence day weekend

I hope you had all had a wonderful Independence Day and weekend. First I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who is in military or has a loved one who is serving our country. I have so much respect for you guys and am forever grateful for your service. I am so thankful to live in this country and have the freedom I do. The 4th of July celebratin started on Thursday for me and my friends and fam and oh what a party it was. From parties to movies to games to hiking to fireworks and watermelon this holiday was great. I should have taken more pictures but here's the ones I got.

 ...aaand here is one of my favorite so you think you can dance dances from this season. (the story line is about a hubby that is just coming home to his wife from war)