Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Excited!

dearest readers,

first of all, I love you guys.
second of all get stoked. why? my etsy shop is coming soon and I am so excited! 

a little taste

I'll let you guys know more info and the name of the shop soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

all the girls get together

My mom, Paige and sweet Rowan came to visit us here in AZ. All of the girls (from the immediate fam) were together and it was a glorious thing. I'm obsessed with my newest niece Ro Ro.

Here are some gorgeous pictures my talented sister in law Paige took while here.. (check out Paige's blog here)

I have the most beautiful nieces..

Monday, June 20, 2011

humpty dumpty had a great fall

After being rejected for too low of iron and such before, today I finally donated plasma for the first time. It was a party let me tell ya! The lady put the needle in wrong so it hurt the whole time I was donating. After I was done I went up to get my money they owed me for the donation (yes, I sell my body for money). I told the guy at the money desk I felt like I was going to pass out, he told me to sit down and that's all I remember until I woke up on the ground with about ten medical workers around me asking my name and if I could move. I guess this little mexican man caught me as I was going down so I didn't hit my head (thank you little mexican man!). My elbow and wrist are sore from the fall. Embarassing. It gets better though.. One of the workers had asked me out (as he was taking my needle out of my arm-good thing I didn't say no..I don't know how to say no to cute guys even when I don't know them-bad) and he texted me later and told me that everyone was like "oh you made her pass out out of excitement" greeeaat. Oh and when I wasn't feeling good before I passed out I thought I just needed to eat something (I'm hypoglycemic and thought it was just from that) so I had a chocolate in my mouth when I fell and went unconscious and when I woke up I still had it in my mouth (thank goodness I didn't choke) I didn't know what to do with it so I just ate it when I came to and one of the workers thought it was soooooo funny. She couldn't get over it "oh that must've been a good chocolate. Can I have one?" (in a black lady's voice. ((I love black people)) So I will forever be known for that I am sure. But hey, I'm $30 richer, holler!
I can't wait to see God's home video of this in heaven.

P.S. holler to my passing out buddy Kumiko!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

little miss ro

Guess who's coming to visit in just two days?

(I stole this adorable pic from her mommy's blog)

Ahhh I am so dang excited to cuddle this little sweetness. I feel a special little bond with Rowan Paige. I got to be at the hospital when her momma was in labor and when she was born.(the happiest days of my life have been when my three nieces were born)  Living in Logan, I was two minutes away from her first little home so I got to see lots of this sweet lil new born. Wednesday nights watching Modern Family with my sis in law and bro, holding that little precious girl were my favorite days of the week. I love you Ro and cannot wait to see you! 

P.S. Paige and Mom (a.k.a. chopped liver compaired to the baby, cough cough), i guess i'm extremely excited to see you guys too ;-) We're gonna have such a fun week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

dream for a bit..then live in the now

One of my main mottos in life is to live in the moment. I believe completely in living in the here and now, and I also believe in daydreaming. I believe it is healthy painting  pictures of your future hopes and dreams on your daydream blank slate. The key is dreaming about the future, not what could have been in the past. When your mind just won't stay in the now and insists on dreaming..just go with it. 

Journal entry...
 I day dream about being a mom more than I dream about anything else in the world. I think about it at nights when I'm falling asleep. It's definitely a few years away but I look forward to it so much. I look forward to being called mommy..I dream about holding my babies for the first time and crying for joy. I dream of singing to my babies as they fall asleep and wanting to stay in that rocking chair forever. I dream of cleaning little hand prints off the windows constantly. I dream of sticky hands and messy faces after breakfast. I dream of packing my kids into my hot mamma mini van and dreaming of the day when I can drive something else. I dream of taking my kids to soccer practice and swim lessons. I dream of watching my little girl perform in her first dance recital. I dream of crushed gold fishies on the floor of the chapel at church and crayons spilt everywhere. I dream of playing the piano for my kids. (not that I play the piano or anything-it's a dream though) I dream of clean babies after baths in a towel that is way too big for them. I dream of kid cuddles. I dream of getting scared when a random kids toy starts singing. I dream of jogging with two sets of bare feet dangling out of the jogging stroller. I dream of kids going to bed in their daddy's shirts that touch the ground when they stand. I dream of chubby little legs hanging out of the high chair. I dream of wet, slobbery kisses. I dream of telling my kids how dang crazy they make me, and telling them how I love them to the moon and back forever. I dream of taking my kids to school for the first time and crying like a baby, but then partying when I get home. I dream of loving more than I ever knew I could love. These are some of my most favorite dreams.

Monday, June 13, 2011

my family tree is full of nuts

I am so grateful for family and for the time we get to spend together. If you think I'm crazy you need to meet the whole fam. I've become really close with my cousins and their kids in my older age and I absolutely love it. The staples/bramwell/gallagher/nelson/baker/alvarez clan sure had some crazy fun together this past weekend. Here's pictures of our partay we had. (we missed you guys who couldn't come! Especially my sister's black boyfriend boy that she's dating who is almost my favorite in the family because he's black) It was beautiful seeing everyone together. I am so grateful that families can be together forever through Heavenly Father's plan and I am grateful for the knowledge I have of that plan. Wanna learn more about you and your family being together forever? Check it! 

BTW..shout out to aunt paula for getting me hooked on Texas Caviar...yummmy. Want a recipe? here ya go.

 B's basketball game

 yummy foot

 yes I am wearing a mommy swimsuit..

my sista is so beautiful 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011


My brother Matt sent me this picture with a text that said "I found this in our backyard and ate it." I laughed and told him I was jealous thinking he was just kidding.. But I found out today that he really did eat it. And now he is studying mushrooms. He has found 2 rare kinds of mushrooms up the canyon that he indeed did eat. He is one of the funniest, greatest people I have ever met. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yes I am obsessed with this song and yes this video is saaweeet. Do I jam to this all the time? Maybe.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I love summer.
I love the smell of sun tan lotion.
I love the watermelon and corn.
I love the ice cream parties and popsicles that make for sticky hands.
I love sunblock covered kisses.
I love all the splish splashing.
I love the family time. 
I love the music.
I love the laying out.
I love the no school. 

 matchy aprons

 busy busy

 Steph and her kiddies at a swim play date

 Steph and Jeremy did an ice cream social for Memorial Day

 It turned out so dang cute

I am so very grateful for those who are serving our amazing country and for those who have in the past. My love goes out to them and their families.