Monday, June 20, 2011

humpty dumpty had a great fall

After being rejected for too low of iron and such before, today I finally donated plasma for the first time. It was a party let me tell ya! The lady put the needle in wrong so it hurt the whole time I was donating. After I was done I went up to get my money they owed me for the donation (yes, I sell my body for money). I told the guy at the money desk I felt like I was going to pass out, he told me to sit down and that's all I remember until I woke up on the ground with about ten medical workers around me asking my name and if I could move. I guess this little mexican man caught me as I was going down so I didn't hit my head (thank you little mexican man!). My elbow and wrist are sore from the fall. Embarassing. It gets better though.. One of the workers had asked me out (as he was taking my needle out of my arm-good thing I didn't say no..I don't know how to say no to cute guys even when I don't know them-bad) and he texted me later and told me that everyone was like "oh you made her pass out out of excitement" greeeaat. Oh and when I wasn't feeling good before I passed out I thought I just needed to eat something (I'm hypoglycemic and thought it was just from that) so I had a chocolate in my mouth when I fell and went unconscious and when I woke up I still had it in my mouth (thank goodness I didn't choke) I didn't know what to do with it so I just ate it when I came to and one of the workers thought it was soooooo funny. She couldn't get over it "oh that must've been a good chocolate. Can I have one?" (in a black lady's voice. ((I love black people)) So I will forever be known for that I am sure. But hey, I'm $30 richer, holler!
I can't wait to see God's home video of this in heaven.

P.S. holler to my passing out buddy Kumiko!