Wednesday, June 15, 2011

dream for a bit..then live in the now

One of my main mottos in life is to live in the moment. I believe completely in living in the here and now, and I also believe in daydreaming. I believe it is healthy painting  pictures of your future hopes and dreams on your daydream blank slate. The key is dreaming about the future, not what could have been in the past. When your mind just won't stay in the now and insists on dreaming..just go with it. 

Journal entry...
 I day dream about being a mom more than I dream about anything else in the world. I think about it at nights when I'm falling asleep. It's definitely a few years away but I look forward to it so much. I look forward to being called mommy..I dream about holding my babies for the first time and crying for joy. I dream of singing to my babies as they fall asleep and wanting to stay in that rocking chair forever. I dream of cleaning little hand prints off the windows constantly. I dream of sticky hands and messy faces after breakfast. I dream of packing my kids into my hot mamma mini van and dreaming of the day when I can drive something else. I dream of taking my kids to soccer practice and swim lessons. I dream of watching my little girl perform in her first dance recital. I dream of crushed gold fishies on the floor of the chapel at church and crayons spilt everywhere. I dream of playing the piano for my kids. (not that I play the piano or anything-it's a dream though) I dream of clean babies after baths in a towel that is way too big for them. I dream of kid cuddles. I dream of getting scared when a random kids toy starts singing. I dream of jogging with two sets of bare feet dangling out of the jogging stroller. I dream of kids going to bed in their daddy's shirts that touch the ground when they stand. I dream of chubby little legs hanging out of the high chair. I dream of wet, slobbery kisses. I dream of telling my kids how dang crazy they make me, and telling them how I love them to the moon and back forever. I dream of taking my kids to school for the first time and crying like a baby, but then partying when I get home. I dream of loving more than I ever knew I could love. These are some of my most favorite dreams.


  1. I just love this post! I know exactly what you mean when you lay in bed at night dreaming of the future and those things that give you goosebumps because you are so excited for them to happen. They help me fall asleep faster in hoping that the dream will come true quicker. love you kenz xoxo

  2. I love this post too, and I am so anti-baby hungry I begin to think something is wrong with me as a woman that is how much I don't want them. But I love hearing about your dreams, and what you know to the core about yourself. Its nice that there are dreams, and this one that you want so much is so attainable for you :) you will be a great mother, if nothing more because of your huge heart. Love you kenz