Saturday, June 18, 2011

little miss ro

Guess who's coming to visit in just two days?

(I stole this adorable pic from her mommy's blog)

Ahhh I am so dang excited to cuddle this little sweetness. I feel a special little bond with Rowan Paige. I got to be at the hospital when her momma was in labor and when she was born.(the happiest days of my life have been when my three nieces were born)  Living in Logan, I was two minutes away from her first little home so I got to see lots of this sweet lil new born. Wednesday nights watching Modern Family with my sis in law and bro, holding that little precious girl were my favorite days of the week. I love you Ro and cannot wait to see you! 

P.S. Paige and Mom (a.k.a. chopped liver compaired to the baby, cough cough), i guess i'm extremely excited to see you guys too ;-) We're gonna have such a fun week!

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