Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There is so Much More

Sometimes, a lot of times I feel like there's so much more to life than what I'm doing. Ya life is great, but I'm yearning for something more than what my daily schedule consists of. 

Should I go study abroad in London?
Study in Italy?
Backpack through Europe?
Teach English in China?
Join the peace corps?
Intern in DC?
Move to NY just because?
Intern in Indy? 
Move back to Arizona?
Do humanitarian work in South America?
Move to Alaska and turn granola?
Go to school in Hawaii?
Go on a mission {don't worry people I wouldn't really tease myself or you with the idea of it again}

I like the options. I'm being optimistic and saying that one or two or three or all of these ideas WILL happen sometime in my life, and until they do I'll just dream of them on the daily. 
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  1. love this. So many fun things to choose from. Make sure you do at least one before you are married. Marriage is the best but you can't just pick up and move to london :)

  2. Pack a bag and just go. Quit dreaming of it. Make a decision and just go. Best thing I ever did.