Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13th

Today we went and saw St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was beautiful. I loved all the chandeliers in it. Then we went to the Tate (the modern art museum here). It was neat; we got to see paintings by Mark Rothko that we had read a play about. The play is called “Red”. Then we went and saw the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Afterwards we went to Portobello market in Notting Hill. There were a lot of really cute antiques. The town of Notting Hill is wonderful. There are colorful houses everywhere. We even saw two little kids in Marry Poppins hats holding hands..need I say more? Then we went to dinner at a little Italian restaurant and to Primark.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

Nancy, one of our program directors. 

Katie, me and Mel catching some rays by the Tower Bridge. 

Tower Bridge.

The Tower of London.

Notting Hill.

At the Portobello Market.

LOVE the houses in Notting Hill.

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  1. LOVE all the updates Keek!!! What an amazing adventure!! I am so happy for you out there, and love reading all about it...keep it up! Love you!!