Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hey Prague

It was so nice to wake up in a nice bed this morning! We had class and then went touring. When we first started we were in the modern part of the city and I thought it was cool but didn't understand why people think Prague is WAY cool. Then we went to the old/historic part of town and I died and went to heaven. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I know why people talk so highly of it now. It is so so so SO gorgeous! It's like every new turn you make on the street your breath is taken away once again. The buildings are incredible. There is such a cool feel in the old town. Think puppets, magic, and Esmerelda status. It really is like steping in to a dream. We went to the old town city square where the town hall is (it has the astronomical clock on it) and I felt like I was in Disneyland. There were fabulous street performers (there were two incredible dancers and it was so cool to have the backdrop of this old building behind their dancing!), it smelt amazing, colorful and intricate buidlings, huge medieval looking buildings, and there was yummy smoke coming from the food vendors..oh it was just a dream. We had some delicious crepes from one of the vendors. We sat and watched the big clock go off on the hour. Then we ended up in Toad Square. There was a band and vendors and after you walked a little more there was a dreamy park where we laid down on the grass and took a nap. So many people have dogs here which I love. We then saw the St. Vitus Cathedral which was by the palace. The cathedral is incredible. So large and intricate. It is so gorgeous to see the luch greenery that is met by the water and the incredible buildings.  I wish I could just describe everything and paint the most perfect picture of where we were today, because it was so perfect. Oh and Prague smells SO good. Fresh yummy flowers, smoky bbq, sweet delicious yummy air is the only way to describe it. I am in love and his name is Prague. 

Just learning. 

It is incredible to think that this is where there would be rallies etc during
the time that Hitler was there.

It all cobble stone! How cute huh!

Famous Prague puppets.

Dancers at the old town square.




Nancy, Mauri, Markay, Makenna, Morgan and Rebekka eating some

I love Katie Kapp. One day when I was at work like six months ago
she told me she was going on this trip, and I, of course, decided
to join!

My favorite street performer on the bridge. He was playing
guitar music and the puppet played the guitar.

Markay and I after walking up a hill and seeing this incredible view at
the top.

Pretty Cathedral.

That's a hot air balloon-cool huh!

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