Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stonehenge is Cool

Yesterday after class we went on a little trip to Stonehenge. The drive there was absolutely beautiful! Listening to Lord Heron driving through the English countryside. I thought to myself this is how life should be. There was a part of the drive where you drive into the Avon Valley and you are up on top and can see all the lush, green rolling hills and trees, it was breathtaking. I am trying to engrave that image into my brain. Stonehenge was cool to see. A girl in our study abroad group, Joy kept talking about how she didn't get why they were so cool and what the big deal was haha. I love her. When we got back from Stonehenge we went to Bath's Abbey. It was gorgeous. Then we flew to Prague! And guess where we checked in to? Heaven! We got to the hotel and the lobby was super nice, I was hoping that the rooms would be just as nice, and they were and I couldn't be happier after the last hostel. I don't have to wear shoes around everywhere, I can take a real shower and shave! (my shower last night was SO long and SO nice) and there are big fluffy towels and nice clean sheets on king size beds (I dreamed about climbing in to these kind of sheets while I was in the other hostels. There is also a little kitchen and dining room, and good internet-YIPEE! It was the best surprise ever to check in here. Dennis said not to get used to it though haha. 

Part of the Avon Valley.

Hey Stonehenge! 
Aleisha, Mel and Me making a stonehenge, of course. 

These grape seed flowers are all over the English countryside. They
take your breath away when you see fields of them. 

Bath's Abbey.

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  1. You're gorgeous, Kenz. And I love all these. Please let me know what I HAVE to see in England and France. (I'm assuming you're going to France). It looks like you're having a blast!