Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 11th (Written May 12th)

Christ's Church at Oxford (HP was filmed partly here)
Yesterday we went on a tour to Stratford Upon Avon, Oxford and drove through the Cotswolds. Stratford Upon Avon is my favorite place I have ever been to. It was so dreamy. We went and toured Anne Hathaway’s cottage (Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare’s wife). 
It was a thatch roof cottage with beautiful grounds with gorgeous flowers. Afterwards, Mel and I went and got tea at a little charming cafĂ©. It was a dream. We had the most delicious carrot cake, a yummy scone with cotted cream and the chamomile tea was delightful. We sat next to an old British couple who had honeymooned in Stratford and was back for their 5th anniversary. They were so fun to talk to. I couldn’t understand the man sometimes because of how thick his accent was. After tea we shopped a bit at the street vendors and went into a sweet little Christmas shop. Our tour bus then took us through the country side and through the cotswold. English countryside. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Absolutely stunning! Rolling green hills for miles and miles, charming farm cottages, sheep, fields of vibrant yellow flowers-need I say more? I died a little bit. It was the perfect representation of the English countryside. We drove through the Cotswold, which are really old and charming cottage towns. We then arrived in Oxford. It was cool to see the university. It poured and was quite cold. British weather is the only thing I don’t like about the UK. If you think Utah’s weather is bipolar stay in London in the spring time. The sun will be shining and then there is all of a sudden a terrible, freezing downpour and then it will decide to get sunny again and you would never know there was a storm just shortly before because of how beautifully blue the skies are. It is so strange. I didn’t pack warm enough clothes for the trip. After Oxford Mel and I hurried to get in to the musical Billy Elliot. It was absolutely stunning. My chin was on the floor. The little boy who played Billy was such an amazing dancer and singer (he’s from Utah!). It is my favorite play I have seen here next to Les Miserable. We have to see a certain amount of plays for the Contemporary Theater class that I’m taking and at first I was overwhelmed, but now I am LOVING seeing the plays and truly appreciate them. 
Mel and me at Anne Hathaway's Cottage

English Countryside.

Inside Anne Hathaway's cottage.

Shakespeare's birth place in Stratford Upon Avon. 



Pouring in Oxford.

Some cool bridge in Oxford.

Where the man who discovered Hailey's comet lived
in Oxford.




Archery at Christ's Church Meadow in Oxford.

On the tour bus to Stratford.

Tea time!

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