Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6th

I made it to London! I am sitting on my bed at my hostel right now after being up (with six hours of "sleep" on the plane) since 8:40 am on Sunday, it is now 12:04 am on Tuesday morning in London (5:05pm in Salt Lake). Today was so great. I cannot believe I am actually here! It feels like a dream. After my group met up at the airport we headed out to learn the metro and tour a little bit. On the way from the airport on the tube we sat next to a British man who had the thickest accent, no one could understand him, including the british girl sitting next to him. It was awesome. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar  Square, Leicester Square as well as some other way cool things, then we went to Wicked! I loved it, of course. Glinda was not as good as on Broadway but it was still INCREDIBLE. Oh by the way, hostels are not for people with OCD. So, see ya later germaphobic tendencies. 

Don't mind my pretty much no makeup and tired eyes once in London. 

One of my best friends, Mel, is with me!

The guy no one could understand.

The London Eye! (and my group)

Big Ben 

Westminster Abbey 

Trafalgar Square 

Made out of M&Ms of course.

We had to take a cab to the Apollo Victoria Theatre
because we got lost.



  1. so jeally. great pics. did you cry in wicked???

  2. How amazing! I love the glimpse into your awesome adventure.

  3. yayy so happy for you! I loove you!

  4. go to marks and spencers and pick up some fizzy pig tails while you are there. they are THE best. xoxo

  5. Soo awesome Keek!! Loved the update! Have the BEST time!