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May 14th
In the morning we went and took a tour of the modern Shakespeare’s Globe. The exhibit there was awesome. Then we were able to see a play there, King Lear. It was SO cool to be outside in the amphitheater style theater and be a “groundling” (the people on the ground for the show)like they did in olden days. This globe is actually the third one. The first was burnt down, the second was torn down by the Puritans and then it was built again and is now 16 years old. It was freezing and pouring rain (and there isn’t a ceiling obviously) so mel, Rebecca and I left early to go and get starbucks. I got hot chocolate and some yummy cake and read the play “Peter and Alice”. It was wonderful! And SO nice to warm up. The play was really good. It is about the man and woman who Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are written after. Then we went and saw Phantom of the Opera!! It was wonderful. It is such an incredible musical.

Went to the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum). It is a museum of objects, not paintings. It was cool! I love going to museums with our professors because it’s like having a tour guide/historian everywhere we go. Nancy is a wealth of knowledge. It was also really cool to see the old clothing that we have learned about in class. Afterwards we went shopping a bit and went by Big Ben one more time. Then we got our stuff and took a bus/coach to Bath. The bus ride was so wonderful. I took a nap and listened to fabulous music as we drove through the beautiful places at sunset. It was perfect, I felt like I was in a movie. When we got to our hostel last night I thought about going and checking in somewhere else because I was so grossed out, but in the morning I felt a little better about it. We are only here for one more night anyways.

Today we are in Bath! Bath is quite lovely. The architecture is wonderful, of course. I was surprised at how much of a “city” one part of it is. The other part is more of countryside. People in England would leave their estates and come to Bath for the social season. It was one of the most prominent places to be during the social season (which is pretty much just winter-harvest-planting. We saw the Royal Circus, which was the place to live until The Royal Crescent came in to picture and that was the new place to live. It has a magnificent, green, gorgeous view of a park. We saw the Assembly Rooms, which is where everyone who was anyone gathered for social events. It was gorgeous inside. Such amazing colors and huge, beautiful, chandeliers. In the basement is The Fashion Museum of Bath. It was neat to go through and see more clothes that we will be learning about in class and have learned about. Then we went to the Roman Baths. It was so cool! I cannot believe it’s the actual place where the romans would bathe and worship when they first came from Italy. It was seriously such an incredible sight. We even got to taste the water which the Roman's believed had special healing power. Then we went to tea/hot chocolate at M&S’s after with everyone. It was yummy. Tomorrow we are going to Stonehenge and then heading to Prague!

Shakespeare's Globe


Joy and Mel


First Vogue Magazine. (From the V&A)

Covent Garden 

By Big Ben, I'll miss you!

Sleeping on the ride to Bath.


The Royal Circus.

The Royal Crescent. 

Fabulous antique shop. 

The Assembly Rooms in Bath.

The Assembly Rooms. 

Professor playing dress up at the Bath Fashion

Dennis, Morgan, Aleisha, and Joy.

The Roman Baths.

The Sacred Spring Overflow.

Mauri, me and Mel.

Throwing a coin in to the bath. 

Bath is beautiful. 

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