Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When in Rome

Today after class we went to The Coliseum. When we got out of the metro station there it was in all it’s glory..It’s incredible! I was seriously in awe and was star struck. I couldn’t believe I was actually there. We got in with our Roma Pass, which gets us in to all these places and on the public transportation. The Roman engineers who built the Coliseum are absolutely incredible. It could fit 80,000 people back in its day and it could be evacuated within around 30 minutes because of all the stairs. We saw Constantine’s Triumphant Arch from the Coliseum. When we were leaving the Coliseum it started to POUR slash hail for a bit. We got SOAKED and it was fun.We walked past The Forum, which was where the Roman’s big city center was. It has all these remains from the buildings and the columns. It was so cool. Rome is very lush, so the mix of that and the old buildings is gorgeous. Then we went to The Pantheon, which means “all the Gods”. It was extraordinary inside. The architecture was so cool to see. It is a big dome with a circle at the top for light. We went to a delicious Italian dinner afterwards and then wandered around Roma for a while.
P.S. there are SO many scooters and motorcycle’s that weave through traffic. It’s crazy!

Inside of The Coliseum. 

The Group!

Katie and me.

Constantine's Triumphant Arch through an arch in
The Coliseum. 

The Forum.

The Forum. 

The Pantheon.

Inside of The Pantheon.

Inside of The Pantheon.

Aleisha and me at The Pantheon.

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