Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Palaces and Stuff

Today we went to the Borgello. It was really small and uncrowded-which was awesome! It was originally built to be a prison, which is crazy because it's so beautiful. We saw Verrochio's David. It was neat to see because he was Leonardo Da Vinci's teacher, so he was probably the model for the David. We also saw Donatello's Davids. Then we went to The Pitti Palace and went through the costume gallery. The clothing was gorgeous and it was fun to see what we have been learning about in Costume History. Then we went through the Boboli Gardens outside the Pitti Palace, it was so green and just beautiful. We leave for Venice tomorrow, I'm really excited!

From the hotel.

Inside the courtyard of the Borgello.

The Borgello.

The Borgello.

View from inside the Borgello. 

Just to tie up your horse on the streets of Florence.

The Pitti Palace.

GORGEOUS chandelier inside the Pitti Palace.

The Boboli Gardens.

Giardino Boboli.

View of The Pitti Palace from The Boboli Gardens.

View of Florence from The Pitti Palace. 

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