Monday, May 20, 2013

Chill Day in Prague

Today was a very relaxed day in Prague. I slept in a little and then we had a long Historic Clothing class. After that we went in to the city/old town and kind of just walked around and went to a fun market. We went and got some authentic Czech food, which was incredibly delicious until I tasted the nastiest thing I have ever tasted. We got a cheese platter and I was eating a little cube of one of the cheeses, it smelt so so bad, but I thought I should probably just taste it because maybe it was good and it was part of the experience. Well it literally tasted how I would imagine poo tasting. A missionary told me tonight that that type of cheese is made under raw meat. UM YUCK! Anyways, then we went to Family Home Evening at the church. We had some yummy Russian food and "American Cupcakes" which was all delicious. We were in fabulous company. Prague is such a melting pot. I don't think Jake was too happy to see us again haha. He is so focused. I don't think he liked us calling him Jake, so I started calling him Elder Osterloh. He didn't talk to me and Mel for a bit after we got there and after a while he came and sat by us and said "sorry I haven't talked to you guys, I'm just trying to focus." How cute is that? Him and his companion took a cupcake to someone outside the church and now they're teaching him tomorrow. How great right?! The lesson at FHE was fabulous. The mission president talked about goals and how you are going to get somewhere, so you might as well have a choice in where you are going. He talked about staying close to the scriptures, praying and fasting when appropriate in order to reach your goals and stay strong, just as the Sons of Mosiah did. He also talked about realizing where you are and where you want to be. Anyways, tomorrow we are heading to Rome! I will really miss Prague, I love it, but I'm SO excited for Italia!

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