Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day of Study Abroad

Yesterday was our last day of Study Abroad. We took the water bus to Murano (the island where the famous glass is made) and to Burano (the island where the famous lace is made). Murano was cute and quant. Burano was ADORABLE and super quant. The canals were lined with vibrant colored houses and shops. I got a white handkerchief with some handmade lace on the corner, that I love. After our last girls day out we went home and had dinner and then it was time to meet up with my family! Nancy, Mel and Katie walked me to the hotel. When we were on our way Mel said “Kenz, what does your dad look like?”… “I’ve never met him but I think he’s back there”. And there he was! With a rose for me, he’s the cutest. But it was a good thing Mel saw him and thought to say something because he had given me wrong directions before and was waiting to find me and take me to the right place. It was so nice to see my dad and get to the hotel and see my mom and grandma and aunt! I was SO happy to see them! We went and got some yummy gelato and then went to bed. Today we woke up and met up with Katie, Makenna, and Alisha from my group to go to church. But, transportation was going to take us longer than we had planned and we couldn’t make it to church. But we did meet a nice couple that lives in Germany who was going to come to church with us. They were USU grads and on their anniversary trip. Then we went to mass at a pretty cathedral. There was a quartet singing at the service and they sounded like angels! There’s nothing like the sound of music in a cathedral. Later in the day we went to St. Mark’s cathedral and tried to get in. The guard guy was letting some people in but not the tourists. There was a sign up and my dad couldn’t understand it all so he asked what one part meant. The guard said it was a nice way of saying no tourists allowed. My mom asked him if they hated tourists and he said “more than you can imagine”. Some Italians don’t like to show much courtesy, or patience, or kindness for that matter and it is quite funny.  We got yelled at in line at the bus stop today because we weren’t moving fast enough. A woman on our waterbus yesterday came up to the group and said “YOU ARE TOO LOUD”. We all laughed. A man gave my dad directions today without stopping or looking at him, just pointing.  I saw a policeman tell a tourist to “ASK SOMEBODY ELSE” when he was asking a question. Ha ha, but then sometimes you find nice people like the waiter at the restaurant we ate at tonight (who is friends with Kobe Bryant by the way). Today was so wonderful being with my family in Italy. I don’t ever want to leave. 
The performers from our balcony.

On the balcony in Venice.

Oh Venice. 

Pouring the holy water I got for my
grandma at St. Peter's into a
Murano glass bottle.

I love Joy! 

Waiting for the water bus to Murano.

Our view while waiting.

Murano glass.

Katie and me on the dock looking at Venice.

Chilling in Murano.

Murano glass sculpture.

Seaweed is so mesmerizing!

Woman making famous Burano lace.



Sunday with my dad!

Sunday with my mom!

So happy to have them here!

Makenna, Alisha, me and Katie after mass.

Venice Luxury where we stayed..16 people to
two toilets..that's luxury.

So glad to have grandma and Aunt Rene here.

Trying to get in to St. Mark's.

Love this Italian woman so much.

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