Sunday, June 9, 2013

If I Was a Bird I Would Live in Le Cinque Terre

On Friday the crew headed to La Spezia and stayed the night so we could head to Le Cinque Terre on Saturday (about a 7 minute train ride).  Oh how I love the Cinque Terre! I wish I could live there. We started in Rio Maggiore where my dad and I got to Kayak in the Mediterranean over to Manarola and back. It was SO FUN! The water was so gorgeous, I couldn't believe how clear it is. It was in the morning, so there was still a mystical fog on top of the lush green, grape-vine lined, mountains. The best way to see the Cinque Terre is definitely by kayak. We spent some time in the little marina in Manarola just looking at the little town-I wanted to stare at it forever. After my dad and I got back to Rio Maggiore we all went to Manarola by train and spent some time there. Grandma stayed at the bottom while my mom, dad, Rene and I did a little vineyard hike that overlooked all of Manarola-it was an incredible sight. I sunbathed for a little while in Manarola too. I wanted to stay forever. Then we headed to Florence, where we are now. My dad caught a gypsy pick-pocketing him on the train (I'll save that for another post, freaking gypsies) and we met the nicest couple from India. Today we went to church here in Florence. The branch here is so kind. There was so much kindness and love in that building. I'm moving here. I love Utah, but really the church in other countries is so amazing to see. The gospel is obviously the same, but the people are so different. The branches here are like family. 

La Spezia

Crepes in Rio Maggiore.

Grandma drank all that.

Packed train.

Marnarola from the old cemetery. 

Manarola is my favorite!

Grapevines, of course!

The water is SO CLEAR!

At church today. 


  1. How amazing! What a fun adventure... I'm glad you are enjoying so much of it.

  2. beautiful photos. I am headed to the cinque terre for this first time this august- can't wait!!

  3. Oh my amazing!!! Love all the pics keek!!!