Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today we slept in and then had breakfast on the terrace overlooking all of Belluno. It was incredible. I felt like I was in a dream-it was so perfect. We are staying in this old Villa/estate that used to be owned by a merchant from Venice.  It was originally built in the 16 or 1700s. It sits up on a hill giving it the best view of all of Belluno. It is so beautiful. It is seriously off of a movie. After breakfast we drove through the Dolomites to the little town, Cortina. The drive was wonderful; we got to see the best views of the incredible, endless, green, Dolomites. The lush green of the mountain meets an incredible scape of rock at the top. I want to climb them so bad!  There were little villages tucked in the mountains that were cool to see. When we got to the little mountain village of Cortina we walked around, took pictures and went in the church. It is such a quant little place and looks like it’s right out of Switzerland. Cortina is the place to go to get the best views of the Dolomites. (Dolomitis in Italian). The 1956 Olympics were actually in Cortina, but they were very small. Tomorrow we are heading to La Spezia, then Le Cinque Terre on Saturday.

Taste of the Villa.

View from breakfast.

On our way to Cortina.


Gorgeous clear water in Cortina.

The Dolomites/Dolomitis.

Love them so.

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