Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Happy Place

Want to know some things that make me happy? Ok, I'll tell you. (Don't worry, I will post a picture for every one just in case you don't know what that something is..like Diet Coke (it's a very rare drink.) Ok, you called my bluff , I won't really.


Strangers smiling at you in passing.


Meeting new friends.
Calls from this amazing little girl.

Voice messages from her too.

Seeing this little piece of heaven smile.

Being called Aunt Kiki.

Saying "I love you".

Diet Coke.
Dr. Pepper.

Seeing people repin' USU attire.


Seeing creepy men in trench coats.

Crazy Core Skittles.
Smart Water (bottles).


Seeing people who can't stop smiling while they read their texts.

Old people. (Especially the grumpy ones.)

Being loud, rude and extremely sarcastic about how much I love Tai Wesley (Our star bball player up here who thinks he's the coolest thing that ever walked on this planet. I'm not rude, he deserves it.) then having him walk around the corner.

Staying up late talking about nothing with friends.


When people blush.

Watching my friend play video games for 3 hours.

Clean sheets.

Driving when you get into a trance.

Thinking about how funny Natalie Allen is. 

Going cross eyed.
Seeing the mountains.

New music from Jake.

Boring people with little things that make me happy, yet having people still read the list til now.


  1. loved it kiki. you make us happy :)

  2. hahahaha shut up. i had to read that like five times.

  3. Hahaha i love this. inspired me to think about what makes ME happy. and that is a great thing to do :) love you.