Friday, March 4, 2011

Adventures for Summer

Sooo It's not official but I am pretty sure I'm going to be moving to Arizona this summer. I am so excited! I would be living with my amazing sister and her wonderful family. They're house (wherever they may be living at the time) is my happy place. When I think about when I've been the happiest in my life it involves my sister's family. They are kind enough to let me live with them for the summer. I would share a room with my favorite 3 year old niece which, in all honesty, I would just absolutely love. (When she came to my parents house over Christmas break I slept in a twin bed with her every night-by choice.:) The only thing that worries me about the move is whether or not I'll be able to find a job. I would like to get a CNA job somewhere (put my certification to use) or nanny.Or honestly do anything I can find. I applied for a job to be a camp counselor for a kids camps which I would love. But let me tell you my back up plan, which shortly may be my game plan; I'm going to start an etsy shop. I crochet and make headbands, but doesn't everybody? So I'm going to do my home work so I can make my shop different and great. My mom got me a gift certificate to Barns & Noble so that I could get this book when It came out. It is now out and I'm buying it to read on the plane to NY. One thing I'm going to make for my shop is a crocheted yoga mat bag. I haven't ever really seen them and I think it's a good idea. Here's a picture of what they'll look like (in whatever colors the costumer wants, of course.)

We'll see where the wind takes me. I'm super excited for this highly possible adventure though.If it's supposed to work out-it will.
It's Friday! Yaya!


  1. love the idea!!! and love the yoga mat bag, super cute.

  2. favorite post ever :) Kiki we would be thrilled to have you with us!! I think the etsy idea is pretty genius!...when else would you have time to dedicate to it like that?!?!?
    Anyway, whatever is right for you is awesome, but again our vote is definitely Arizona!! :)
    love you

  3. I had no idea you did headbands, I would totally buy some from you anytime! I love, love, love headbands. Let me know!

  4. Cute kenz! This made me want to cry. I can't wait for the future plans in the sum time, laying by the pool with the cuttest little children's going to be great.