Monday, March 14, 2011

The Last Day In NY

Saturday was my last day in NY. Some of the things we did included:

Central Park in the morning. 

Where we found this band:

They're "The Dirty Urchins". Check them out on facebook. They honestly are amazing! (One of my favorite things in the world is happening upon "no-name" bands.)

Where I was a subject in a group of street performers' show:

Where one of the guys was going to "jump flip and land" over the four of us. I was a little scared. But then they...

..had us bend over (after they went around and collected people's money for this "huge stunt", of course) so it wasn't scary anymore. (See the guy's eyes wandering in the last pic? When I bent over he was like "Ohhh girl that's another story-call me tonight baby." It was funny. I got a little embarrassed-and let's just say it's usually really hard to embarrass me. But then, being the gentlemen they were, they covered mine and the other girls bums with some sweatshirts.) The jump was a piece of cake for the guy that did it. On another note can I just say I think black men are so attractive. I wouldn't mind marrying one. Should I change my blog name to lovemesomechocolate? 


Later that day we went and got in touch with our heritage by going to Little Italy (one of my favorite places in NY). We went to the Italian American Museum and ate yummy Italian food. I got a shirt that says "Kiss Me I'm 1/2 Italian" that I was pretty excited about. Then later that night we went to Grom and got some fabulous gelato. It all reminded me how proud I am to be Italian. Oh and guess what? Italy right now will let you become a citizen if you have Italian blood and are closely related to someone who immigrated from there so we think we're going to get dual citizenship. How cool is that? There's a lot of paper work you have to do but it'd be so worth it. Getting Italian citizenship would make it so we could work anywhere in Europe without getting a work permit so that's a neat thing.


A little fun fact, because I know you were dying to know, I craved pickles the whole time we were in NY and searched every deli I saw to find one of those fresh, yummy, garlicy, whole pickles (like at Disneyland) with no luck except for finding a jar of them at the market (not the same) that were way gross. My dad and I went to lunch one day and guess what the place we went to served as their free appetizer? Pickles! Yummy, fresh, beautiful pickles! I was so excited! The search for the perfect pickle in NY was finally over. I thought it was so random and so happy for me because really who serves pickles as their signature appetizer instead of bread or something? Well this wonderful place did-hurray! 

New York, I miss you and I love you. See you again as soon as possible.

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