Saturday, March 12, 2011

Concrete Jungle

Today was a fabulous day in the big city. We started off the day by going to the Manhattan Temple. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. It's so interesting leaving the temple because as you step out the doors you are in a different world with taxies honking, sewer steam, buses roaring, and sirens blaring. But just two feet away from this chaos the most beautiful and peaceful place stands. The difference between the temple and other buildings (the Manhattan temple pretty much looks like any other building in NY) is the temple is a dedicated, holy building of God. I'm grateful for this holy place we have the opportunity to go to and escape from the world to. Also, I am so thankful that I live so close to so many temples and can go so often.


So, I think the whole concept of celebrities is a little pathetic. Honeslty, the hottest celebs don't have to have much talent now a days to become famous. I thought that I didn't really care about celebrities but then I saw Josh Groban today.. He was sitting two tables away from me at the Carnegie Deli. He walked out of the Deli right behind me and here is how our conversation went:

Kenzi: Would it be so rude if I asked you if I could take a picture with you?
Josh: Oh no not at all. (In a very nice voice.)
Kenzi: Great thanks. Do you mind taking it? (Saying this to his girlfriend that was with him.) Girlfriend was kind and happy to take our picture.
Josh puts his arm around me for the picture.
Kenzi: I love you.
Josh: Thanks.

Yes, that is right, I professed my love to Josh Groban and I am so embarrassed. I meant it in a "I love your music" but it came out straight up "I love you". Yep I was like a little 12 year old star struck Justin Beiber fan. I don't care about celebs-honestly, I don't, but I was shaking after I met him and I was so excited and I think it's so funny that I got so excited about that. But hey if anyone deserves fame it's him (and Taylor Swift) because he is an incredible singer and a super nice guy.


  Lyss and I went to The Discovery Chanel's (I LOVE the Discovery Chanel) Pompei exhibit in Times Square today. It was really sad but very interesting. They had a room you went in that showed a scene from the city of Pompei and it showed what would have happened to that scene the day the volcano errupted. It was intense; the special effects made the room shake as the earth tremored from the valcano then turning into violent shaking as the cloud of smoke/debri/everything else headed towards us (the "wind" in the room was incredibly strong). It was pretty neat but very eerie.


This evening we went to the play "Wicked" on Broadway. It was absolutely amazing. I've seen it in NY before and like it then but for some reason this time I absolutely fell in love with it. Let's just say I had chills just about the whole time. Seriously, it was breath takingly amazing. Elphaba played by Teal Wicks' voice was the best I have ever and will ever hear (besides my boy Josh, of course). She put everyone in the audience into a transe every time she opened her mouth.



  1. Looks like fun! I'm not going to lie, I am super jealous. I love New York, Josh Groban and Wicked!

  2. That story about Josh Groban makes me laugh so hard! so funny :) (yes, of course that was 'said' in an accent!)
    I love the pic of dad peeking his head out from the building...awesome!
    Looks like you guys had a super great trip. But, sorry nothing will top your trip to the Valley of the BLAZING hot sun this summer! :)
    love you kiki!