Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big City Life

Happy spring break aggies!! We headed to New York yesterday. Something incredible happened when we were at the SLC airport. I saw a crowd of people and said to my mom and sis "Oh cute missionaries coming home." My sister then corrected me and said she thought it was a soldier coming home. I then realized the signs and American flags. There were proud but anxious faces everywhere waiting for their loved one to come down those stairs and prove that they are ok. As we were walking to our gate we saw a group of about 20 soldiers in their military green walking down the hall in the terminal. My sister and I decided we were going to clap for them when we got closer. As they passed us and we started clapping for them the coolest thing happened; everyone in the terminal started clapping for them as well. As the brave soldiers walked past each gate every person started to clap. It was a really special moment, one I can't describe in words. There wasn't a dry eye as everyone showed what little appreciation they could to these amazing people. The goosebumps on my arms were visible from accross the room. It was an incredible experience. Let's just say I am dang proud to be an American! I am so grateful for those brave men and women who serve our country-thank you!

We got to New York yesterday evening. We ate at a restaraunt called "Pazza Notte" which is italian for crazy night-and oh was it a crazy night. We were SOOO lucky to have a man sitting next to us who was our free entertainment. He was extremely loud. And then he got drunk. I don't think I have ever heard such profanity in such a short time period. It was obnoxious. The restaraunt was way cool though and super yummy! There was a live DJ and the place was packed. We had another interesting dining experience tonight. We went to the upper east side to eat dinner. I felt super sick from the cab ride and wanted to just get into a restaraunt. I saw one and led my family in. It was pouring rain so my family didn't mind to look at the menu outside. We walked in and sat down. The place (The Candle Cafe) ended up being some vegan gross place. I was extremely hungry and let's just say I still am hungry. It was not very good (see picture of me and lyss below). The environment there was super weird too but dang it all we were saving the environment by eating green soup, unsalted chips with our appetizer(or anything for that matter) and bok choy (yuck!). But hey it made for a funny experience.

Anyways I really do love NY. Part of my heart is left here every time I leave this place. We went to The Museum of The City of New York. It made me love this city even more learning about the history of this magical place. I'd reccommend going there.

Just a little fun fact: It's been pouring all day and I love it! 

P.S. "Wicked" seventh row tickets for tomorrow night! Yay! And it's my best friend Kumi's birthday tomorrow. Wish I could be with her!


  1. Hope you're having so much fun! I love your parents! And your fam in general!

  2. love this post! How come nobody would sit by dad on the metro...rude.
    Yup that vegan place looked nasty.
    LOVE the Madison Ave pic! (tell mom I couldn't zoom on my phone, or at least I don't know how :)...but I will show her this one!) Love you guys! Have fun and be safe

  3. p.s. that story at the beginning is AWESOME!!! So proud of you guys for starting it :) you guys rock! :)