Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This weekend I watched "Baby Mama" probably one of my favorite movies next to "Toy Story 3".

If my religion wasn't against surrogacy (which I'm not too sure if they are or not) I would do it in a flash. You get paid BANK! Is that weird.


  1. I would carry your child if you asked me to. Then we could play karaoke revolution together, and you could get mad at me for peeing in the sink and drinking Dr. Pepper. hahahaha. I love that movie. So much. and you. i wouldn't be mad if we watched it together sometime. yep. i'm reading your aura and it says you want to asap. kewl. thnx.

  2. ha ha ha I engaged in the fine japanese art of kare eh oh kai a week ago with my roomies..it was fabulous. I would like to watch that movie with you during thanksgiving break okay? I hope you're toilet's not broken though and I don't have to pee in the sink..cause I'd do it..