Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Just a Game

Tonight we had a big fight with the Humans VS Zombies game. People definitely forgot it was a game.  There were people dropping the f-bomb, people hitting people with their actual nerf guns..not the darts, people yelling at one another, many of the zombies yelling in unison "viva la horde!" (The horde is the group of zombies), people with painted faces, everyone in all black and my personal favorite when we were strategizing as zombies there was one "meathead" (according to Rachel) who yelled to the group "Whoever is in shape and can run fast, besides me, come over here." Ohhh man I wonder if that kid felt stupid when that came out of his mouth.. he probably just thought it made him sound cool. I laughed out loud really loud when he said that and when no one else did, I realized he obviously wasn't joking. 

Our headbands say "zombie" this was after we ran after humans and got way into the game we didn't care what we did we just wanted to WIN!.. psyche 

There was one point after the game tonight when I heard my cute friend who's a moderator for humans VS zombies saying to a couple guys "I'm sorry if you're points got messed up or something but this is just a game."

P.S. I am now a brunette as of today and really like it.

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