Monday, November 1, 2010

Humans VS Zombies

On campus this week over 800 people are participating in a game called "Humans VS Zombies".

Here's an overview of the game from the official website

"What is Humans vs Zombies (HvZ)? The short answer: HvZ is a modified version of the game tag that is generally played on college campuses. The Human team tries to avoid being tagged by and turned into a member of the Zombie team. Game play takes place constantly, stopping only in cases of emergency. Everyone starts on the Human team except one person who begins, secretly, as the original zombie. Zombies can be stunned with long range weaponry but are only eliminated from the game if they fail to tag anyone for a certain amount of time (generally 2 days). Zombies win by tagging all of the Humans; Humans win when the Zombies all starve to death."

A zombie snuck up on me this afternoon and I wasn't able to shoot my nerf gun in time. (If you shoot a zombie with a nerf gun you "stun" them and they cannot tag you for 15 minutes.) So I am now a zombie.

Every participant wheres a bandana that either says "human" or "zombie"  the bandana and the place where the person wears the bandana on their body is how you can tell who is a zombie and who is a human. It's a super fun game and it's so funny seeing people getting way into it. I saw a guy on campus today who was dressed in all camo with a huge nerf gun looking around him constantly making sure no zombie touched him, it was awesome!


  1. dang kenz...I was counting on you to win it all! :)

  2. Steph.. Don't worry I still can...Its better being a zombie ha ha. I just got two "kills" within the last half hour. I'm at work which is a prime place cause I can see everyone outside so I just run out and kill. :-)