Monday, November 22, 2010

Pretty Much a Journal Entry..No Need To Read

It seems like everyone's getting married. Two of my best friends from elementary school have recently gotten engaged. I'm so happy for them, they're such great people. Of course this got me thinking about how I want to get married someday..not for a while..definitely after a mission...but someday. My mom always gave me advice to be the person I wanted to marry. I never really took that advice to heart until yesterday. I was really thinking about what the qualities are that I want in my husband and how I really want to develop those qualities before I meet the man I'm going to marry. There are so many things I want in the man of my dreams. And so many things I want to work on so I can be the person that kind of man wants to be with forever. One thing I really want to work on myself is having more meaningful scripture study. Julie B. Beck, the first couselor in the young womens general presidency gave a great talk on scirpture study you can read it here. When I have my own family I want to be able to have meaningful scripture study with them and be able to teach my kids the stories in the scriptures. Honestly I am very scripture illiterate, so I look forward to strengthening my knowledge and testimony of the scriptures.

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  1. Way to be kiki! I love you and your deep thoughts! I will have to read that article! :)
    love ya!