Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PDA (Public Display of Affection)

I think holding hands in public is great and cute maybe a peck, but making out in public is gross. And doesn't it seem like everyone who practices PDA are usually not the people you want to see making out. We love that you love each other but do it not in a Disneyland line, thanks!

(I did have a wonderful (disgusting) picture here to display what I mean by gross PDA, but it grossed me out too bad.)

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  1. sick.
    I love all your posts! That is such a funny movie. I'm not sure what the church's stance is on it...hhhmmm. Also, you would have to find out if you had good pregnancies or not...it would make a huge difference! Some people should get paid bank just for how terrible it is for them :) I can't see your brunnetteness in the picture...I am excited to see it in person instead!!! Love ya!