Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Hey There

Life is cuh raz ee! And stressful. And boring, yet quite exciting. And great. The semester is almost over Ooo Oooo! (In a "Baby Mamma" voice-of course) I seriously am so dang excited! This semester hasn't been my favorite schooling I've ever had. I have four finals..the most I've ever had. But it's won't kill me. Once finals are over and I'm done going to Lyss', Paige's, Jord's, and Matt's graduations (yep I'm the only child still in school -other than my bro in law who is in medical school) the girls in the fam (except Paige and Ro because Paige can't stand being with us for that long..joke. You guys will be missed though.) are going on a trip to Georgia and South Carolina.(So excited) Then I move to Arizona, go to Disneyland the next day, go to Indiana to work at a conference for my dad's company the next week, then back to Arizona for the rest of the Summer. It's gonna be so busay and so fun! 

Anyhoo, I had a great Easter weekend spending time with the family. Easter helped me think of how grateful I am for The Savior and His resurrection and all that He has done for me. I want to remember that more often than I do.

I know you guys want to hear a play by play about my weekend with a bajillion pictures like a good Mormon mommy blogger that I oh so strive to be(joke..kind of) sooooo here ya go.

 Yes, I am 20 and the Easter bunny still brings me candy and I love it.

 I got to spend lots of time my wonderful sista!

 Grandpa Joe with Rowan. He was like a little kid saying "I get to hold Ro first!"-so cute. Sorry a lot of these pictures are turned.

 Look at those lips! I adore little Miss Ro.

 My dog was SO jealous of all the attention Rowan got from everyone.

 Dying Easter eggs.

 Stained fingers picture that no one is interested in I just wanted to show off my Sally Hansen nails.

 Spring has sprung down in the 801..It's trying up here in the 435 yet failing miserably. 

My dog is a gangsta.


  1. Love the hair Kiki!!! What a fun change! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter! This next month of May is going to be so CaRaZy fun!!! I am so excited! Lov eyou!

  2. I LOVE your bangs! You are looking so cute! Love you & love your blog!