Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miss Representation

Think about it..the media really degrades women. From music videos to magazines to billboards to your family show you watch on Mondays. There is no escaping it. But why do we put up with it? Why would we let our little girls who dream of being princesses in big castles be exposed to this? Or our little boys who think their mommy is the greatest? Or even let ourselves put up with it? I'm not a feminist by any means but I absolutely hate the way the media objectifies women.
A friend of mine (thanks Dan) shared this trailer of this documentary/movie/movement called "Miss Representation" and I was so happy to see that people are taking a stand on these issues. Check out the Miss Representation's website here. There are various screenings of the film around the United States and there may be one coming near you. The film is part of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and has won various awards. It truly is eye opening.
If you live in Salt Lake or close by there is a screening and panel discussion for Miss Representation from 2-5 at the Salt Lake Community College South Campus in The Grand Theatre.