Monday, January 9, 2012

Life is..

..good. Life is dang good.

So what if I'm super stressed about least I get to go to college and get an education
So what if I have just about no money...I have the things I need plus much more and I am grateful for that
So what if all of my roommates have boyfriends except me..I like them all so I'm fine being the 9th wheel (and all the single boys who come over are all mine ;)
So what if I'm not in love..I love my family and my friends, and even myself (big step right thur)
So what if I have like 10.2 billion zits right now..they'll go away..someday
So what if I'm stressed about planning a baby shower and a wedding shower that are within a week of each other and are coming way way soon and I haven't gotten enough planning's a party and it's gonna be  fun!
So what if sometimes I'm crazy..the people who matter love me for me
So what if I have a sugar was worth eating junior mints for breakfast
So what if I'm procrastinating what I should be doing...I'm loving blogging and pinning 

Seriously life is so good. Definitely not perfect, but perfectly IMperfect. Have a lovely Monday. 


  1. love your positive outlook on life kenz. way to go! being positive will help you so much in your life- and ps. how were the jr mints? still has creamy as ever?!? ugh.. stupid diet.

  2. thanks paigey! haha they were terrible..don't worry. ;)

  3. ....NEEDED this today. And needed our fun night on sunday. I love being around you. You seriously have a light about you and you make me happy. Can't wait to see you next. Thanks for being you, and giving ME someone to look up to :) love you kenz.

  4. rach I just love you and look up to you soo much