Monday, January 23, 2012

I'd Be Ok if I Didn't Shower For a While

I had two showers within a week of each other. One was a baby shower for my good friend Autumn and the other was a bridal shower for my sister Alyssa. Wow! I never realized how much work showers are. But everything turned out absolutely perfect and I really enjoyed myself!

First off, Autumn's shower.
The shower was at my apartment and the theme was "Oh Boy". We played the balloon game. (tie your shoes with a balloon under your shirt--hence the picture of me pregnant..I think I just wanted to fit in :-) The guess-the-size-of-Autumn's-belly game was fun too. We ate Hawaiian haystacks, ate treats, opened presents, and just chatted. It was a male/female shower and even though only two of the guys were manly enough to show up it sure was fun. I'm so excited for this baby boy to make his entrance into the world! Autumn is going to be an incredible momma. 

P.S. I just need to toot my own horn for a sec..that adorable (if I do say so myself) blanket autumn is holding up I made..I haven't sewn since I made my high school boyfriend a quilt so I was pretty proud..even if it was super easy :-)

Now Lyssa's shower.

This shower was super fun as well! It was my mom, sister Steph, sister-in-law Paige and me who put this one on. It was nice to not have to do it by myself :-) The shower was at my parents house in Sandy and I think it turned out absolutely fabulous! The decor was amazing. Aren't those silhouettes of Lyss and her Fiance Parker so adorable? Steph made and framed them. I loved the banner with the hanging pictures of Lyss and Parker. My mom made a YUMMY dinner. We had LOTS of cute treats. We played fun games including a memory game with things for the honeymoon, "who said what" (steph made it SO cute) and "guess-the-sexy-male-celebrity-I-tape-on-your-back" game. We opened presents of course and just chatted until the roads were getting so bad from the snow everyone had to go home. Lyssa's friends from high school and her sorority sisters are just so much fun to be around. It sure was a good time.
The shower made it hit me that my sister is actually getting married. I truly am SO excited for her and Parker. It's a miracle, but my jealousy is gone and excitement fills me instead. Lyss and P-dawg are absolutely perfect for each other. (not to mention they're going to have the most beautiful kids). Parker makes it a little bit easier to give away my sista because of what a great man he is. If it was anyone else marrying her I don't know if I could do it. I love them both so much and am so happy for them.   

A couple other things that made me happy this weekend:

Rowan Paige. I loved spending time with my nieces this weekend. (even if I didn't get any pictures of the other two I still love them just the same ;)
I was shopping on main street and found this in a tree..made my day (the picture won't turn)

Look at that ADORABLE baby cow! (yes I work for IT and can't seem to turn this photo..judge me)
I hope you all had a splendid weekend!

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  1. Woot Woot Kiki! GREAT job!! I hadn't seen any pics from Autumn's yet. Turned out so so cute! You are one creative girly and I sure love you!