Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Big 2-1

I had a really chill and absolutely fabulous birthday on Saturday. (except that I was sick) My sweet dad flew in from out of town just to be with me for a while on my birthday, then flew back out. Thanks dad! My parents, family and friends made it such a great day. I'm so grateful for them all in my life.

I woke up to post it note decorations by my four year old niece and sister (it was so fun having my nieces there on my bday. The four year old was so excited)

We went to breakfast where I opened presents. My parents gave me some great presents along with a toy plane with a map on it. They explained I could choose anywhere in the U.S. to go on vacation with them. How great is that?! Thanks mom and dad! I'm thinking NY or Harry Potter Land in Florida.

I napped for a good part of the day (sick)

and we had cake (better than sex cake--yum!) and I opened my siblings presents which I loved (especially the red lip stick!) -Thank you sibs!

Then we went to Sherlock Holmes, which I LOVED.

Thanks everyone for a great bday!


  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was great.

  2. It was a fun bday for us :) Love the kissey pic at the end...we'll have to work on that one :) Love your new header, so cute!!