Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ode to my Roommates

I was so blessed to be put with the roommates I have. They are amazing. Of course, sometimes it is hard for all of us living in a small apartment with five girls but I couldn't be luckier. Here are a few things I appreciate about them:

1.They put up with my craziness-which has been extra crazy lately. 
2. They love me for the person I am. I can be my real self around them.
3. When I need to vent or just have girl talk they are right there willing to help.
4. They are wonderful examples to me of how I want to live my life.
5. They make yummy food and share :-)
Let me share with you a few of the kind deeds they have done for me lately that I have greatly appreciated;

Emily gave me this book the other day:
I could try and explain what this book is and the wonder of it but I could not give it enough justice so please go to its website here and see for yourself just how incredible this book is and how talented the artist/photographer Mark Mabry is. Thank you so much Em, this is something I will treasure forever.

Today I had to work. I thought I was only going to be working from 4-8 but then my friend I work with called me asking me to take her shift because she is sick. So I did. But now I'm stuck at the Library until midnight. Em was so kind to bring me a yummy dinner completed with my favorite pita chips and a diet coke (which I was in extreme need for since I didn't go to bed last night {I'll save those details for another post}and am pretty tired.) Thank you so much Em!

A couple of my other wonderful roommates bought me these beautiful flowers because of my grandpa's passing. It was so kind and thoughtful of them. Thanks Leish and Kristi!

I love you roomies!

Here are some random pics of us just for kicks:

Thank you so much for being the amazing people you are!

By the way...did I tell you I'm going to this magical place this week?..

I can't wait!


  1. love you Kenz! Thank YOU for everything! Disneyland in two days! :)

  2. Disneyland!?! Kenz...i'm so jealous. Take me. The Reflections of Christ CD is great, I'm sure the book is amazing. And i'm obsessed with that cover! It's definitely one of my favorite pics.