Sunday, May 20, 2012

Remember How Good It Is

Remember how we sometimes get caught up in negative little things and it makes us think that our life is ridiculously stressful and not the best? Well no, life isn't always the best, and it's dang stressful, but remember how good it is? Remember how when we focus on the small positive things in life then we remember how dang good life is? I remember.

Some little things that help make my life oh so good right now

It's summer! I get to go work with my dad in Indiana in a couple weeks. I get to stay in Indiana and play with my niecies! I get to help my sis and her fam move into their new house there. I have a body that works and I can work it out along side my {crazy-work-out-three-times-a-day} roommates. I have the best family I could ever ever ever ask for including the most supportive parents that truly are the most incredible people I have ever met. {Seriously how did I get so blessed to be sent to them?} I have two jobs this summer and coming home from a long/hard day of honest work is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world {i love it}. The pool. The weather is beautiful. The mountains are in my backyard. I am at the age of freeness. I can do ANYTHING with my life! That is such an amazing feeling...I have so much I want to do, {a bucket list you could say} and preping for one of those things makes me realize just how much I want to do in the next few years. I have flexible purpose right now and it is refreshing to think of. 
Mom and Dad

Jord and me goin for a scoot ride

2nd job

 kume and me ready to do some jillian michael's with cans as our weights

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  1. Oh Keek, I sure love you! What great outlook! Loved this line: I have flexible purpose right now and it is refreshing to think of. ---so deep you are!
    Fun skyping you today. Thanks for thinking of us. You are wonderful!
    Love you!