Wednesday, May 2, 2012

is that an "r" and an "n" or just an "m"?

Sometime those "Please prove you're not a robot" scrambled "words" you have to type in to post a comment or whatever on the internet are too hard. Takes away precious blog stalking time. 

any who..

You know those friends you meet in classes that are strictly your class buddies? You know, you see them only in class, sit by them every time, and sometimes you don't even know their name..(unless you've added them on facebook, which sometimes happens). Those class buddies that are special to you because you bond through projects, tests, critiquing the professor, and talking about that person involved in your group project who "does nothing". They are the ones who make class more enjoyable. Man, I love those class buddies. And remember how when the semester ends you never see them again? It makes me sad to see my class buddies go. I hope I get to see them all in heaven, because I've really liked them all. 

So connor, good luck on your mission and Austin too. To my English 1010 class buddy years ago, I hope your wife forgave you for how cool you told her I was. And my kind of class buddy in my sociology class that burped really loud every day, I really enjoyed you. (I more so just wish he would've been my class buddy) And the blonde boy who was in my connections class and was my first kiss at USU you were really weird and attractive and fun to be with. {I guess he was a little more than just a class buddy} And to my FCHD 2610 class buddy, good luck with your new baby.

I finished my last final for the semester today (WAHOO) and to celebrate I am working my third shift of the day.

Utah State has a new logo and I really like it. Oh how I love USU and being an Aggie!

Yep, really random post.

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  1. Love this! It makes me miss USU. Its so funny - but hearing about finals week after being graduated for a few years makes me nostalgic! It's true that you only remember the good things, and even the "staying up all night cramming, then working 7 shifts in a row" has a rosy tint to it. Enjoy!