Monday, October 17, 2011

hi there

Oh Hi there! I'm writing about my personal life lately because I want it documented. But feel free to read. (I should probably be a more private person but whatev) 

I decided to go on a mission. Everything pointed toward it and I got a very clear answer from God that I was supposed to go. It was what I was supposed to do.
I meet boy.
Boy and I start dating.
I get my mission papers
and keep dating..
we have fun and keep dating..
Mission is on pause
I feel so confused about life and just conflicted
boy and I keep dating
things between boy and I start dwindling
I realize boy, although he is amazing, is not my prince charming
I decide I really need to still go on a mission
I tell boy
boy tells me this gives him closure because he was feeling like our relationship wasn't right
things end very cordially with boy and I 
I am overcome with peace..a peace I haven't had since the day I very first decided to go on a mission..
a peace that helps me know things are going exactly as they need to be going
a peace that helps me remember that God is the one directing my life
a peace that makes me know that God has the best intentions for me in the plan He has for me.
I am almost done filling out my mission papers.:-)


  1. That's so exciting Kenzi! Good for you!

  2. you will be theeeeeee most amazing missionary! I am excited for you!

  3. Kenz! you're so great. and you'll be such a fantastic missionary!:)