Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All Grown Up

This week I am working at the user conference for a company called Interactive Intelligence.

I feel all grown up working here. I'm working with all old people except one girl my age. I absolutely love the people I am working with and I'm so grateful for this opportunity. The business field interests me, but I'd only want to work in it for a couple weeks, but never graduate in business (business majors are great, just not for me) so this is perfect!

Here is my cute daddy who hooked me up with this job. He did an awesome job speaking at and hosting the kick off ceremonyfor the conference. I look up to him so much.

While I am on the note of my dad I really just want to write a few  of the many great things about him for my own journal purpose.
My dad is the biggest gentleman I have ever met. He is genuine. He is not fake (at all). He is his kids biggest chearleader along with my mom. He is so in love with my mom, and would do anything and everything for her. He is the perfect example of how a husband should be. He is a hard worker. He loves uncondiotionally. He is the kindest person I have ever met-don't get that confused with a push-over, which he is definitely not. He would do anything and everything for his family. He is an awesome leader, and speaker. He is humble. He adores his grandkids. He never complains..seriously I remember one time in my life that I have ever heard him complain. He said about this conference-"I'll sleep on Friday!" even though he is being worked so hard and is so stressed and has so much to do. H e is so unselfish. He is giving. He has such a strong spiritual testimony.

My dad truly is the greatest man I have ever met.

Did I mention my work days this week are atleast 12 hours each day? I'll sleep when it's over.
Oh and did I mention I get endless diet coke here? Heaven. 
Oh and I am losing my mind..oh well.

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