Monday, January 31, 2011

Update on My Life

I recently lost and found my camera, so I'm going to update you on my life through pictures. Here are some of the things I've been doing lately:

 Going to Aggie Basketball games. (We're ranked 22nd in the nation for college basketball right now, wahoo!)

 Watching these cute ladies perform at half time at a basketball game. They're from a dance group of women that age from 53-92 years young. It was awesome! Everyone loved it!

 Getting pulled over for turning left when I wasn't supposed to.. :-(

 Putting up and getting ready for Valentines day. (I LOVE valentines day.)

 Hanging out with and cooking for cool people..

 (Kristi's brother visited. He's such a sweetie.)

 Rock climbing for my first time. It was SO fun! Seriously, I am now addicted. I think I'm going to get a membership at the Rock Haus climbing gym.

 (I went with this lovely ladie - my roomie Leisha.)

And getting to babysit this lil guy, Rayden. He's Leisha's boy's son. He is adorable! We had lots of fun shooting things, playing with cars and watching Toy Story 3.

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