Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Post From a Friend

Alright so I was reading my friend Rachel's blog; The Red Umbrella and happened upon something that really touched me (happens often with her blog) and I wanted to share. She was talking about enjoying the place you are in in your life right now (which is hard for me to do sometimes..ok a lot of times). This is what she said:

"And as for all of you who don't have any kids yet, make this time special. Take those opportunities. Give that person a second chance. Forgive a little easier this year, love a little more. Give of yourself more than you ever have. Cherish the moments you have with your roommates, your childhood friends, your parents, even your surroundings. Because one day things will be different. Your friends will get married. You'll move to another place. You'll start a life of your own. And you want to be able to look back without a flint of regret in your eye. So there's not tomorrow. Remember. And cherish every moment you're blessed with."

Thanks for inspiring me once again Rach.


  1. Kenz you are so great. Thanks for this, seriously that means a lot. I'm so glad you agree. Isn't it crazy how fast time is passing? Let's enjoy the moments we have- and lets MAKE MORE of those be together. What the heck I haven't seen you in ages! This week :)

  2. love this and love your previous post are so great kiki! love you!