Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Talk

Fringe bangs. 
I love them and I want them back.
Last time I was going to get them I told my (now ex)boyfriend I was and he said something along the lines of

"baaaaaabeeee noooooo. Nooo baaabe. You're joking right?" 
Me: Taylor Swift has them. 
Him: Only Taylor Swift can pull those off. 
(what a dirt bag-I kind of can't stand him-at all).
 Anyways, so I didn't get them and yet I still ended up single. (I'm not bitter) 
What's the big deal? Most of the time guys (besides hipsters) don't like the fringe bangs. I don't get it...Does anyone have any insight on this? Men that read my blog (there are very few) let's hear it. 
Anyways now that I'm not doing what my ex tells me (I'm really sad I ever did) I'm getting them back. And I'm excited and frankly I don't care what anyone else thinks about my dang hair. 

previous bangs

Now pretend like I posted a really cute "2012 In Review" post like all the mommy-freaking-perfect-bloggers. 


  1. I'm not a guy but I have an opinion! I love the look of bangs and they look super cute on you... But they are too much maintenance for me but you'd look cute either way

  2. Cute, cute. I love the bangs. So much!

  3. Not a boy, but hey. Don't listen to that man. I think you look hawt wit bangs gir!! Get em again. I loved them. So stylish and guess grows people!! xoxo