Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yesterday I turned 22. I had such an incredible birthday. I am so very grateful for all of my friends and family that made it such a special day. 
Birthday Agenda:
Sunday: family birthday party {great company,special dinner, presents, cake and ice cream} 
bday morning: slept in
bday afternoon: breakfast with Katelin (sis-in-law) and Mom
bday evening: {I got work off!} Dinner with Kumi and Cameron and a bunch of my friends surprised me at the restaurant  Then Kumi had a get together for cake and ice cream at her house-it was so fun and so so kind. My friends and parents completely spoiled me and made me feel so special on my special day. 
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love!
I am so blessed with such wonderful people in my life that care about me and support me. Thank you! xox

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