Friday, April 6, 2012


Lately I've wanted to be able to become closer to Heavenly Father and to receive inspiration from Him more often. I know He tries to talk to me, it's just my fault for not always listening and putting myself in a place (physically and spiritually) where I can hear what He is saying.  When I think about this, I always think well if I want to be more open to His words then I need to be better, I need to be perfect. This obviously isn't true (thank goodness). Yesterday I made little changes to try and become more like Christ and I thanked Heavenly Father more often during the day for random little things. Let me tell you I felt so much closer to Heavenly Father just from my little effort. When I was praying last night and through the day I felt closer to Him. Inspiration came clearer. I'm grateful for this lesson I learned and was reminded of yesterday;
You really don't have to be perfect. Your best effort is perfect in the sight of God. He will bless you for your efforts. Christ makes up for what you lack. What an amazing blessing that I am so grateful for.

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